One Billion Rising in Second Life - Justice

One Billion Rising in Second Life for Justice (2014)

Second Life artists:

kicca igaly - takni & raskolnikow roffo - solkide auer - aloisio congrejo - 2lei - 
betty tureaud - giovanna cerise - finn lanzius & fantasi rhode - bowie zeplin - 
3d sculpture garden - fuschia nightfire - katz jupiter - mikati slade - krystali rabeni - 
tyrehl byk - littleone aries - nino vichan - ohsolemio - carmsie melodie - walt ireton - 
freewee ling - melusina parkin - misprint thursday - holala alter - taralyn gravois - toysoldier thor - pallina60 loon - em larsson - byrnedarkly cazalet


“Tears of a smile” by Roger Subirana Mata 
"Break the Chain" by Tena Clark & Tim Heintz 

Filmed in Second Life and edited by: 

pallina60 Loon

“One Billion Rising for Justice” logo is part of the Toolkit can be downloaded from the official website 


The page on the official website OBR 

Shots of the event  

The Facebook page  

Main One Billion Rising for Justice page  

Thanks to: 

Region Design: Winona Wiefel, Aisling Sinclair
Stage Design: Victor1st Mornington
Press and Public Relations: Saffia Widdershins
Non-profit Organization Coordinator: Qwis Greenwood
Sponsor Relations: Aisling Sinclair
Entertainment: Samantha Ohrberg
Art Display: Taralyn Gravois
OBR Team in Second Life 

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