"Moving Island" LEA20

If you suffer from seasickness, do not visit this installation ^ ^
Here, everything moves, floats and turns.
Eupalinos Ugajin oversaw this project and invited many friends to participate 
(see the names of the participants in the project, the poster created by Simotron Aquila, is below).
You can visit "Moving Island" until the end of December .... please come.

Poster by Simotron Aquila

Are you still undecided?
Ok, you need to watch a preview of the installation.
Here is a machinima made ​​by me ^ ^

Or read the article in the blog of Linden Endowment for the Arts

Want to see some good shots of the creations?
See the Flickr set from Eupalinos Ugajin

And do not forget to take your gifts.
When you arrive in LEA20, look for the egg and click it.

Have fun

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