FREEBIE - Peg on Nose

*Your friend has bad breath?
*Your inventory a bad smell from because of that slice of pizza of 2005?
*The feet of your man have a repugnant smell because it always uses the same boots?


wearing the peg on his nose and the atmosphere in SL will be better

PS-This product is free and full perms. Feel free to do with it what you want to

DLIN DLON...NOTICE OF SERVICE: After nearly six years in SL, I can say that even a newbie ^ ^. For all those who have taken my PEG ON NOSE freebie in the marketplace, know that for my distraction, was not Full Perms. The texture had not permitted full. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I thank the resident Mahalee Breen for reporting. Now the problem with permissions has been fixed and if you want, you can take back the peg. (OK OK OK I admit it ..... I'm getting old auhauhahu)

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